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The TWC Advantage: Our 7 Key Differentiators

1 Global Firm Experience, Boutique Firm Service

We bring to our clients experience gained at some of the world’s largest executive search firms, yet our offering is highly personalized. Our consultants invest extensive time up front with our clients in order to ensure that we have gained a complete understanding and appreciation of our clients’ corporate culture and candidate fit. As such, in our system, the consultant who meets the client remains at all times the active and involved manager of the assignment; our clients do not experience any “bait and switch” of consultants.

2 We Successfully Complete The Most Challenging Assignments

We are very proud of our track record of having completed among the most difficult executive search assignments, including ones which our competitors were previously unable to close. We humbly believe that as we have been successful at closing these types of challenging assignments, there is truly no assignment that we would be unable to complete.

Please see examples of such assignments.

3 Our Proven Track Record

Our Proven track record is evidenced by our long history of completed assignments, repeat business and our outstanding metrics. We continue to work on each and every assignment until completion, to the entire satisfaction of our clients.

Please see examples of Our Metrics.

4 Virtual Absence of Conflicts

We very rarely have the issue of there being any off-limits. We target companies in terms of approaching candidates, that is frequently a problem for clients in dealing with global executive search firms. By focusing singularly on providing executive search and no other services such as outplacement or assessment, we further minimize any likelihood of such conflicts.

5 Rigorous Proprietary Executive Search Process

Due to our extensive experience and capability in executive search, we deliver to our clients highly-developed best practices and a degree and quality of service that surpasses that of our competitors. We employ rigorous and proven executive search methods and processes that ensure professionalism and responsiveness to both our clients and candidates. Our researchers are allocated a manageable amount of assignments, which helps to ensure faster assignment completions and diminishes the possibility of losing potential quality candidates or causing candidates frustration with the search process. Researchers engaged on our assignments are full-time employees of TWC International; we rarely use contract research. This ensures that there is constant and ongoing communication between our researchers and consultants and also guarantees that our firm (and not competing firms for which a contract researcher may also be engaged), is being presented the best and most qualified candidates for each assignment. We always conduct original candidate research on each assignment; we do not “recycle” candidates from previous assignments. In addition, when conducting reference verification, we obtain references on both a formal and informal basis, to ensure that we have a comprehensive 360-degree verification.

Please see Our Executive Search Process.

6 Employer Branding

In each assignment, in our esteemed capacity as our clients’ ambassador to the talent market, we are highly attuned to the issue of maintaining and enhancing employer branding. We know that our clients seek to be viewed by the talent market as being outstanding employers and great places to work, having respectful and collaborative corporate cultures and work environments. We reinforce this image by ensuring that we are highly responsive to candidates and sources, even between assignments, in order that the market appreciates that our clients have engaged an executive search firm that treats them with respect and is responsive to their requests and communications in general. We are well-aware of criticism that several executive search firms receive in this regard; we ensure that we are never viewed as being one of those firms.

7 Up-Front, Fixed Fees

We do not charge any additional (“up-tick”) fees to clients at the completion of an assignment that are based on higher than expected compensation of successful candidates. We are thereby not motivated to recruit candidates that exceed our clients’ preferred compensation range for the position. Our clients know up front the entire amount of the fee to be invoiced with no surprises.