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Our Executive Search Process

Define Client Needs

Further to an initial meeting we commence to develop a working partnership with our client, including all stakeholders, we define position requirements based on organizational needs and business objectives as well as personal attributes and level of professional experience desired. We ensure that our client’s actual strategic goals, business objectives and needs as well as its corporate culture and environment are discussed in order to reach a complete understanding and agreement in terms of the purpose of the assignment and the requirements of the role for which we are engaged. We also discuss other key aspects of the assignment, including, among others, market targets and off-limits issues. We thereby are able to align our structured executive search process and strategy with our client’s expectations. Deliverables: A written Position Description. Timeline: Week 1.

Establish Position Description

Working jointly with our client, we create a written position specification document that outlines the requisite skills, background, experience and education against which each candidate will be measured. This document will be the focal point for our research efforts and will be distributed, as appropriate to qualified potential candidates and sources. Deliverables: A written Position Description. Timeline: Week 1.

Conduct Research

Our Associates and Consultants begin to develop a pool of potential candidates and sources. We review our proprietary database, initiate communication with relevant industry sources and experts, and conduct extensive internet research. Deliverables: We establish weekly update calls with our client. Our client is forwarded Tracking Documents that advise our client of the assignment status, persons contacted and to be contacted by us. Timeline: Weeks 1-4, though research continues until assignment completed.

Identify / Evaluate Candidates

Our research continues, and we commence interviewing candidates. Deliverables: A benchmark interview may be established for our client and the leading potential candidate at such time. Candidate summaries are provided to client in relation to leading candidates. Timeline: Weeks 2-4

Client Interviews

In the 4th week of the assignment, we establish an update meeting or call with our client in order to review the leading long list of candidates and to jointly confirm the leading three to five finalist candidates. We will then set up interviews for our client with the finalists. Deliverables: a detailed Candidate Report for each finalist candidate is provided to our client prior to each interview. Our client is also given the option to employ Saville Assessments (please see Our Assessment Capabilities) for any finalist candidate. Timeline: Weeks 4-6

Reference Verification

Once our client advises us of their preferred finalist candidate, we initiate reference verification. This consists of a 360-degree process, made up of discussions with recent superiors, peers and subordinates. We do not simply rely on the comments of referees provided by the finalist candidate; we also contact informal referees within previous employers of the candidate. We specifically seek to communicate with witnesses who can attest as to whether or not the candidate possesses our client’s desired skills, competencies and personal attributes. Among our questions, we ask such referees for examples of the candidate’s relevant accomplishments and behaviours in given situations. Deliverables: A detailed Reference Report is provided to our client. Timeline: Weeks 6-7.

Offer of Employment

We assist our client by reviewing their Offer of Employment and any related documentation, with the intention of creating a “win-win” relationship between our client and the successful finalist candidate. In our subsequent negotiations of the Offer with the candidate, we seek to obtain a confirmed verbal agreement from the candidate that will make the signature of the written offer document into a mere formality. Further to Offer acceptance, and in the event that the candidate is being recruited from another employer, we communicate on a weekly basis with such candidate up to their start date in order to assist in the resignation process and to ensure that they remain engaged and passionate about their new role. Deliverables: a fully-executed Offer of Employment, a satisfied client and an excited and motivated successful candidate who joins our client’s employ. Timeline: Weeks 7-8

Onboarding and Integration

Once the successful candidate has commenced employment with our client, we maintain regular communication on a monthly basis with both our client and the candidate in order to ensure alignment between the goals and interests of both parties. Deliverable: a client and a candidate who enjoy a thorough and mutual understanding of each other’s expectations and experience open communication during the initial employment period. Timeline: a period of 6 months post-hire.

Client Satisfaction Survey

At the completion of each assignment, we forward to our clients a detailed questionnaire in order to gauge our performance and client satisfaction and to ensure that we continue to maintain and improve our quality and delivery of service.

Total Timeline

Subject only to issues relating to availability of client interviewers, atypical market forces or other unexpected issues, we proudly state that our assignments are typically completed within a period of 2-3 months.