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Candidate Testimonials

“I would be remiss in not mentioning how impressed I was with the way in which you handled the process. I have worked with many of the larger firms and they could learn a thing or two from you on shaping a truly professional experience for the candidate. Your transparency and timely communication stand out most for me.” 

Brent Scowen
Vice President - Customer Experience, Cogeco Cable

“TWC International did thorough research and was well prepared prior to contacting me about a potential opportunity. Importantly, TWC International did a very good job of balancing my interests with those of the hiring organization, which is critical given the importance of the role trust played in the process. I relied heavily on their judgment and discretion. I would use them again and would highly recommend them to either potential candidates or any organization with hiring needs.” 

Nick Katerinakis
Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer, Goldman Sachs Canada.

''Recently I had the opportunity to work with TWC International for a senior sales opportunity. I must say that through out the whole process, I was truly impressed by the level of professionalism exhibited by the TWC International team. They were very collaborative, transparent and extremely pleasant to work with.
They explained every stage of the process, came back rapidly with responses for questions I had and always in a very pleasant manner. I really felt like I was not just another candidate, for example they took extra care in wishing me good luck at every stage of the process. The experience overall was really great and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any employer or candidate '' 

Ashraf Gohar
Vice President, Business Sales, Eastern Canada, Rogers Communications Inc.

"It was a pleasure working with such a professional organization as TWC International Executive Search. All of the people whom I listed as references echoed this same comment."

Mark Kokosinski
General Manager, Materials - Anaheim CA, Exova Group Limited.

“I had a seamless experience working with TWC International. Unlike other firms, TWC International kept in touch with me throughout the recruitment process, and were able to answer any and all of my questions. They understood the client requirements extremely well and were able to share insights into the client and the role with me, which was invaluable as a candidate. Richard and his team are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend TWC International highly to others.”

Deborah Beatty
Vice President (fmr.), Interactive Media, Astral Media Inc.

"It was an absolute pleasure to be involved with TWC International as one of their candidates in the recruitment process that eventually led to my being a successful candidate. TWC International understands how to manage client relationships at senior levels and has a deep understanding of executive search in the financial services sector. TWC International is an insightful recruiting firm that deals with candidates in an easy, relaxed manner that is engaging and effective. I can rely on their judgment and discretion at all times."

To Anh Tran
Global Vice President and Head of Customer Experience, Oanda Corporation; Senior Vice President (fmr.) of Business Transformation and Technology, Dundee Wealth Management Inc.

"TWC International brings together a rare compliment of professionalism and personal style that create a special environment for prospective employers and candidates alike. I found experience tremendously rewarding. The TWC International team was very open and honest throughout the recruitment process. They understood the business I was in and could speak to the specifics of the executive role I would later accept. I would welcome the opportunity to work with the TWC International team again."

Lesley Conway
Senior Vice President, Sales, Bell Media

“Recruiting senior business leaders for an important role is much more than matching skills with technical needs.  That’s easy.  I believe that the so-called soft issues are much more difficult to assess and are critical to ensure success for the company.  There has to be a fit of values and ethics, strategic vision, business style, timing and expectations amongst the candidate and  the company.  Richard and the team at TWC were well aware of these very important considerations and was able to give me the path to complete my due diligence to give comfort that my personal growth needs were matched with an environment where I will be able to add significant value.  Richard took the time to understand where I was in my personal life journey, understand the strategic needs of the company and as well understand the industry dynamics to make the best fit for all.   I am absolutely thrilled with my new colleagues and the opportunity to build an important business for BDC Capital."

Elmer Kim
Vice President Growth Equity, BDC Capital

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